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Bodysuit FAQ’s

All of our bodysuits are designed with snap closures at crotch bottom so you can simply unsnap whenever you want. They are functional and designed to avoid discomfort.

Check out our size chart here.

SIZE BUST(inch) WAIST(inch) HIPS(inch)
XS 28-30 27-29 30-32
S 30-32 29-31 32-35
M 32-34 31-33 35-38
L 34-37 33-35 38-40
XL 37-40 35-37 40-42

You can also email/dm/whatsapp our help team to pick the perfect size for you.

Everything! Bodysuits are designed for unlimited outfit ideas. You can find styling inspirations everywhere, from runway to real life. Follow our instagram Click Here to get more styling inspirations.

Bodysuit is a one piece smart garment that combines underwear and top in one. It is convenient and travel friendly for you to simply throw on your skirt/pants on top and you’re ready to go. Some people, however, prefer wearing underwear with bodysuits for extra coverage/support, feel free to find your own way to enjoy our bodysuits.

Most of our bodysuits can be washed at any temperature. Always place a bodysuit inside a mesh lingerie bag if machine washing. Don’t forget to separate light and dark color clothing to avoid staining.

To improve fit for different body types, most of our bodysuits are made of stretchy material to hug your body naturally. If your torso is relatively short or long, let us know before you place the order so we can help-sometimes you may need to size up or down from your normal size to find your perfect fit.

They are not the same, as the fabric used in swimwear is different from the one we use for making a bodysuit, which is an everyday form fitting clothing.


Yes. These nipple pasties are specially designed to be cleaned and reused. You can wash and wear those about 30-40 times.

Yes. Nipple pasties are waterproof and sweatproof so you can feel confident and comfortable wearing them under swimsuits,our Titch bodysuit,  in the gym shower, with your workout clothes, on a hot summer day… and the list could go on…..

Yes. Sweat is no match for our TITCHies. In fact we recommend wearing them while you work out, not only to stay covered but to prevent chafing too…

We go out of our way to make sure all our nipple pasties are skin-safe, but as cautious as we are, some skin is even more sensitive than that.Do not use it on open wounds or cuts, skin disorders, sunburned skin or depigmentation. If you have skin or adhesive sensitivities, wear with caution. Discontinue use if skin irritation occurs. If concerned, consult a physician .

Each set of nipple pasties come with a travel case, two clear trays for preserving the product’s shape and two protective sheets. Make sure you keep all these components to properly care for your covers.

To clean nipple pasties
Rinse with mild soap and water.
Air dry on a counter or a towel.
Your nipple pasties won’t stick if they are dirty or come in contact with lotion or body oil.

 To store nipple pasties 
Place the sheet over the adhesive side once fully dried
Return covers to their clear trays and store inside the case

Clean and dry skin. Lotions and oils will prevent nipple pasties from sticking.
Press on firmly to release any air underneath to form suction.
Hold for a few seconds as body heat will help keep nipple pasties in place.

Your nipple pasties will stay securely and comfortably on for about 6-8 hours. With proper care, these nipple pasties can last up to 30-40 times.

We offer 3 sizing option 

SMALL (2.5”) : A Cup size
MEDIUM (3”) : B-C Cup size
LARGE (4”) : D+ Cup size
If you are unsure which will work, we recommend opting for the larger size.

These are made out of 100% medical grade silicone, with no irritating adhesives. Silicone is naturally non-toxic and hypo-allergenic material.

Match your skin tone or outfit to our nipple pasties which come in a variety of 5 shades. Go light for bright shirts and swim suits and dark for deep coloured tops and that little black dress.